Chicago Skyline in Black and White

This past weekend my wife and I went to a local jazz club. We ended up sitting at a table with random strangers, and during the break we all started talking. Turns out, one of the guys at the table with us was a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan, and he and his family have had season tickets for twenty years. (That’s pretty impressive, considering there have been some extremely dark years during that span.)

The part that bother me — and it really, really bothered me, I might ad — is the guy described the greatest Christmas present his longtime girlfriend gave him this year: It was a picture of the Chicago skyline taken the night in 2010 the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. He went on to describe how the buildings were lit up like usual, but when you look closer, a lot of them turned off their lights in just the right way to spell “Go Hawks” or show the team’s logo.  It’s something nice the city of Chicago does for big events. The moment Patrick Kane buried the puck in Philadelphia’s net and won the Stanley Cup, I was driving down Solidarity Drive to set up my camera and take pictures of the skyline. Now, the part that bothers me, is I can’t find the pictures from that night anywhere.

Obviously the pictures can be only three places: still in my camera, on a loose memory card, or on my hard drive. I can’t find them anywhere. I realized it sometime after I took the pictures, because I think I saw a similar image to the one the guy described, and when I went to search for my picture, I had no luck.

If I were to guess, I’d say I had it on a memory card, changed cameras and put that memory card into the new camera. Since the new camera doesn’t show another camera’s images on the memory card, I probably formatted over them without ever knowing they were there. Damn.

On the bright side of everything, I did learn to dump my pictures to my hard drive immediately after taking them. Don’t wait a week or two later when I sit down to finally go through pictures.

Lesson learned.

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