Sunrise Over Lake Michigan

When I was looking through pictures for a blog post today, I found this one. I like the way a lot of these pictures turned out on this morning, even though it was a hearty layer of clouds and I wasn’t expecting much.

When I was recalling this particular morning, I remembered it wasn’t that cold. Sure, I was dressed up with a sweatshirt, ski pants, winter coat, and all of the usual gear, but by the time we hit mid-March, the worst of winter is usually through.

So here’s hoping this year’s winter won’t be grueling. We have two months from now to find our way to nicer weather.  Two years ago, we had a February that was brutal, in which we reached a high of nine below zero. Last year we received nearly two feet of snow in one particular storm. As much as I’d like to hope we chug right through the worst of it, I’m afraid of what may lay ahead.

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