Fishing Boats Coming and Going

Thirty years ago, the village of Jimburan in Bali was nothing more of tiny fishing village with a morning market. Most of the time, it was just the local restaurants buying food for the night’s specials, but somewhere along the way things exploded.

Jimburan is now loaded with posh 5-star resorts and famous grilled seafood restaurants, and through all of it, the local fisherman still call this place home.

Each morning they all go out and then later come in with hordes of fish to sell at the market. The surrounding beach was great to people watch. Fisherman were practicing their livelihood, while their wife and children were down the beach collecting shells.

In the above picture locals just sent a boat out to sea, with dozens of boats anchored in the background.  (I have pictures in the Asia Gallery of how the boats are pushed out and carried in.)

It was one of my favorite mornings in Bali, as we just wandered and watched the locals do their thing.

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