Curious Squirrel

The squirrels around our place are quite bold and when we’re picnicking in the backyard, they will come up pretty close to see what food they can get. We haven’t had enough courage to do try feeding them directly out of our hands because, at the end of the day, the squirrels are still wild animals. (Apparently, the woman who lived here before us would, twice a day, take a bucket of birdseed and throw it into the backyard.)

We also have a couple of structures around our place that the squirrels enjoy. One is the wide fence running along the one edge of our property, and other is the “plant station” the previous tenant had built.

This past summer I rigged my camera to an area the squirrels frequently traffic and used the remote trigger to fire it off.

With this picture, the squirrel jumped up onto the platform, and was mighty curious what the contraption at the other end was.  At the “snap” of the shutter, he jumped back, froze and after a moment, scampered off.

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