One Bird’s Breakfast is Another Bird’s Demise

Last year around this time, I was eating breakfast in the kitchen when something caught my attention in the backyard. It turned out to be a hawk devouring a pigeon.

I ended up posting a picture of  it to my rarely-read and rather boring blog, and realized I liked having pictures instead of infrequent mumbling about whatever was on my mind.

And from all of this, my photography blog was born.

It’s been a year, and for the most part, it’s been awesome.  I like having an outlet for pictures that I’ve taken, but don’t serve any real directory on the galleries page.  Think of my photoblog as a “photographer’s junk drawer,” but with so much more.  I’ve found pictures that I’ve completely passed over when building galleries, and realized there was something more there, and posted them in their rightful place.

Doing an almost-daily photography blog post has sometimes been a challenge.  Some days I’m just note feeling it and can only find a sub-par image to post online.  Other days, I’ve viewed the same picture that I’ve seen before in a different light.  Also, the photography blog has definitely taken my image-making to the next level. I’ve gone out more to capture those moments in time, be it sunrise or life in a factory.  I also went along as a small business closed its doors for good.

All of it will eventually make it’s way online, and I’m really proud of that.  My website traffic has exploded from this time last year, I’m sitting down and writing more, and most enjoyably, I’m getting out and thinking about photography more.  All of those things I’m really, really happy with. In the coming months I’ll continue with six photography blog posts a week, I’ll be more active on Twitter, and I’ll even give HDR a try.

Thanks for joining me.

January 2010. (7657)

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