Town Hall of Brussels Belgium

I’m one of those people that hears so much about something, and how awesome that something is, then when I finally get to it, my reaction is “Eh” at best.  This holds true for everything from movies to travel destinations. So, when Alisha and I rolled into Belgium, we fell in love.

Belgium falls very much “under the radar” for European counties.  Think about it: The main locations that come to mind are London, Paris, Italy, Ireland and Amsterdam.  Places like tiny Luxembourg to the Euro’s capital of Belgium are quickly dropped from itinerary — if ever brought up — by most travelers to Europe.

While in the Netherlands, Alisha and I bought train tickets and headed to Brussels and Brugges.  We had a fantastic time, as the people were super-nice and the food was great and the chocolates were out-of-this-world.

I’m oftentimes asked about places to go all over the world.  I usually ask “What for?” because a honeymoon and a vacation are two different things.  Either way, Belgium is towards the top of any list.

March 2006. (0289)

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