Mountain Pass Bike Ride

While driving through Ireland’s “Ring of Kerry,” we ended up passing this bicyclist a few times.  We’d pass him in our car, then stop and take a few pictures of the scenery, before he’d go peddling by on his bike.  Eventually, Alisha and I would get back into the car, only to pass the rider, and a few minutes later, he’d pass us again while we were stopped.  Other times, like the time we saw him in the above picture, he passed us a few times while we sat there.

Turns out his name is David and he was on a “Bike Across Ireland” trip with some friends.  He was waaaaaaay ahead of his buddies, so to kill time he would peddle up the various hills, only to coast down to the bottom and peddle back up again.  He did this a few times, which is part of how was saw him so many times.

During the course of our day, I eventually introduced myself and would later e-mail him a bunch of pictures from his adventures.

Aside from the dreary weather, it seems like a fantastic way to see another country.  When I ride my bike around Chicago, it definitely affords more opportunities to “take it slow,” and enjoy the scenery.

June 2011. (1532)

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