Sociable Weavers

Driving through Namibia, Alisha and I saw some of these enormous piles of debris in random trees.  Aside from being a giant mish-mash of sticks and such, there seems to be no method to the madness, and some trees have them, bust most don’t.  We stopped at one point to get a closer look and, obviously, take a few pictures of one of them.

Not knowing what we were looking at, we moved on.

A week later, after arriving in South Africa, I was reading a local book and it had a picture similar to the one above, and the accompanying article went on to discuss Sociable Weavers.  The birds, apparently, hold the record for building the largest nests in the world.

Seeing the birds’ nest first-hand, I’m not one to disagree with that statistic.

July 2011. (2778)

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