Brandon Dosch at the Dew Tour

I was pretty careful to keep track of everyone at the Dew Tour I had taken pictures of.  Upon arriving home after the event, I made a point to place captions on all of the pictures, so in seven years I wouldn’t have issues knowing which athlete was which.

My idea was working well until I got to this picture.  My notes had this guy as Corey Bohan, except in doing a quick Google image search, I realized Corey has tattoos on both arms, not just the one.


After digging through my list of 2010 Dew Tour Chicago athletes, I found another picture of the same athlete with a single tattooed arm and bright red shoes.  In this other picture, I had captioned Brandon Dosch as the athlete.  A quick image search proved my hunch correct, except it still sucks because I now need to go through and double-check my captions.

July 2010. (2915)

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