Grosse Point Lighthouse Through Weeds

Several years back I photographically attacked the Grosse Point Lighthouse in Evanston, Illinois; sadly I haven’t been back since. The lighthouse is less than a dozen miles from where I live, and I need to revisit it.

I’d imagine it’s a spectacular place to photograph in autumn.  The lighthouse is located among trees about one hundred meters/yards from Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

This past autumn, for the week before and after the prime color extravaganza, I had some things come up that pulled me away from photography.  That bummed me out because I had been waiting for most of the summer for autumn to arrive, and when it did I was nowhere to be found.

Before waiting until October of 2012, I’ll head back up to Evanston to see what winter and spring and a gentle snowfall can produce.

June 2007. (2662)

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