Fisheye and a Montrose Harbor Sunrise

Shortly after receiving my fish-eye lens, I ran around taking pictures of everything I could using it. In retrospect, I slightly over-used it, but like anything in life, we like to play with what’s new and exciting. Eventually, my fish-eye new-ness wore off, and I started going about pictures with straight lines again.

However, a lot of times it’s still fun to take a picture of whatever scene I’m at, and then pull the fish-eye out and see what craziness it can find.  The above picture is an example of a situation like that.

In the end, the subject of the picture is centered and “normal looking” and everything curves around it.  As a result, the clouds are on display more then usual, and with their pattern and percentage of the photograph, almost become the subject.

So it’s fun to get the fish-eye out once in awhile and see what develops.

March 2009. (2681)

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