Snowy Alaskan Mountain Range

For today’s post, I was originally going to go with a picture of a pile of candy canes I took some time ago.  However, I realized it’s still a bit early to jump into Christmas.  Yes, it’s December 1st, and yes, my local stores have gone “all in” with their Christmas stuff a month ago, but I’m not ready yet.

So instead of candy canes, here’s a picture I took a few years ago of Alaska’s Chugach Mountain Range.

Being from the flat lands of Chicago, we get snow in January and February, but we don’t have pretty mountain ranges and tall pine trees to accent the landscape.  In Chicago, our snow hits the ground and looks pretty, but by the end of the day it’s trampled and dirty looking. By the end of the week, the snow is frozen solid because we’ve hit a daily high of nine degrees below zero.

On those days, the weatherman loves to mention Miami’s high temperature (87°F) and then point out it was warmer in Alaska.

November 2007. (1551)

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