Pigeon Point Lighthouse

In October of 2004 I was to go to San Francisco for work.  I decided to go in a couple of days early and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to take pictures of lighthouses, or whatever else I could find.

The PCH is a really pretty drive, and I think anyone who has been on it will highly recommend it.  On this day I set out before the sun rose and arrived at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse just as the sun cleared the horizon.  I’d love to go back and try it again, but this time doing more with slowing down the shutter speed or even getting set up a half-an-hour before sunrise to get the crazy colors that can appear.

The problem with trying it again, is Pigeon Point Lighthouse is near San Francisco — an area famous for it’s fog — so its easier said then done.

Earlier this year I was in California and when I drove to Pigeon Point, I could barely see the lighthouse when I parked in the facilities’ parking lot.  (I guess that’s a good reason to put a lighthouse and fog horn there then.)

Next year I’ll be in California again, so I’ll probably give it yet another try.

October 2004. (002)

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