Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg, Austria

For awhile I was trying to make sure every country I’ve been to was represented with this photography blog.  That’s a pretty hearty feat, considering I’ve been to 38 different countries and regions, as defined by the Traveler’s Century Club. One of the countries that apparently fell between the cracks was Austria.

Alisha and I spent some time in Salzburg back in August of 2008.  We had a pretty crazy experience in that the place we had reservations to stay decided to close up for the night and the inn-keeper had gone home, all before we had arrived.  We had dinner at the restaurant across the street while we tried to figure out Plan B. Unfortunately, we were in town the same weekend as Salzburg’s Classical Music Festival, so there wasn’t much available.  We ended up getting a room at an American-style hotel on the outskirts of town.  The worst part of our ordeal is that we looked at the map and decided to walk to it.

It much a much longer walk then anticipated.

August 2008. (0429)

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