Triumph Tulip

When I first started shooting pictures at the Chicago Botanic Garden, I was very dutiful in also taking a pictures of the flowers’ name for general record-keeping.

That lasted about ten minutes.

It wasn’t intentional, except I’m such a child so I’d take picture or two, walk to another flower and say to myself, “Oh my, those are so pretty!” and snap away.  Then, I’d look to my left and say “Oh my, those are so pretty too!” and run to the next flower. So I had good intentions, it just didn’t work out the way I hoped.

These, however, were early enough that I noted their name.  They’re “Rem’s Favorite Triumph Tulip,” part of the lily family, apparently.  You could call them “klsdghjlkwehsq wjafb” and I’d still think they are pretty.

Difficult to pronounce, but pretty.

May 2011. (9508)

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