The Great Wall

The place on the Great Wall of China that was recommended by a friend was unexpectedly closed for repairs by the Chinese government (even though it had been several months and no work had been done). My wife and I decided to hit Mutianyu instead and asked the place we were staying what they recommended. “The earlier, the better,” was their suggestion. So, at 7AM a car picked us up and whisked us for the two-hour journey to the Great Wall of China.

It. Was. Awesome.

We were extremely fortunate to have the ancient fortress to ourselves for quite some time. Alisha and I took turns running up and down the wall taking pictures of each other. We called our mothers. We just sat and enjoyed the beauty.

Eventually the tour buses showed up and droves of people started to join us on the wall. No longer was it our quiet, historical place. However, being on the Great Wall of China by ourselves, or with any number of people, we found it to be incredibly awesome of a place.

It’s a true testament to those who have come before you if they can build a massive wall that stands the test of time, and still emotionally moves visitors, even with busloads of people marching up and down the wall with their radios blasting.

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