Rockport Maine Sunrise

I didn’t post any images the past few days because I was thrashing behind the scenes on my website.

If you’ve been here before, you know that my site looks a little bit different now.  (I’ve tried to kick it up a notch.) With the new website, I also changed web hosting companies.  All of the changes take a bit to matriculate through the internet, and there are still a few bugs to work out. In addition to the aforementioned technical issues, I have a couple of design issues I really need to work on (like the About Page).  But, for the most part, the new look is up and running.

So for today’s image, it’s a dramatic sunrise in Rockport, Maine.

A few years back my brother and I went to Maine for an über-photography class.  One particular day we woke up to catch sunrise.  We asked our instructor, who was from the area, a good place to start.  He gave us a fantastic recommendation overlooking the Rockport Harbor and the next morning we were up for sunrise.  It turned out to be an awesome sunrise, full of crazily intense colors.  (It was such a good sunrise, as a matter of fact, our instructor encouraged the rest of the class to do the same the next morning.)

My brother and I both have several fantastic images from that morning, and we somehow managed to stay up for the entire day to go out to shoot sunset, as well.  The next morning we were up for sunrise again, and the third morning we were ecstatic it was pouring rain, so we could finally sleep in.

October 2009. (0225)

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