Dragon Fruit

I’ve been completely redesigning my website the last few days.

When I wrote this blog entry, I was in the middle of redesigning my website.  It’s finished now, but that’s one of those projects that seems like a good idea at the time, but halfway through I want to take a sledgehammer to my computer.

During the course of my recent efforts (updating the site, not hammering my computer), I have been spending a lot of time going through pictures from the various countries I’ve been to.  (If you’re curious, according to the Travelers’ Century Club, I’ve been to 37 different “countries and destinations that are politically, ethnologically or geographically different.”)  A lot of the past photoblog pictures are making their way into the new Travel Photography section, which I think is nifty.  I like being able to take a new look at the same pictures from before.

The above picture is of dragon fruit, taken at a market in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.  Alisha and I love dragon fruit, and that’s a direct result of our travels through Vietnam.  It’s a strange looking fruit, but our guide cut it open and we found it’s a little slice of Heaven inside.

October 2010. (5331)

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