Leafcutter Ants

This was a particularly fantastic adventure.

Alisha and I flew into Panama City.  We spent a few days exploring the largest city in Panama before heading to the small, domestic airport to catch a flight into the remote areas of the country. From there we took a four hour truck ride through the mountains, then caught a 20-minute water taxi to meet a guy at a bar, and then took another 40-minute boat ride to a nearly deserted island.

From there, we wandered and explored.

I had a near deadly run-in with a sting-ray.  We explored a native village and the children wouldn’t let Alisha and me leave.  We ended up kayaking into the middle of a shark going after its meal.  A local indian boy tried to teach me his tribe’s whistle, and then thought it was the funniest thing when I couldn’t get it right to save my life. I saw the coolest shooting star I’ll probably ever see in my life.  We celebrated my 28th birthday with piña coladas out of fresh coconuts.  And we sat and watched a group of carpenter ants carry leaves of a tree for nearly twenty yards into the ground.

August 2007. (0370)

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