Chicago Skyline at Dusk

I spent a lot of time taking pictures yesterday.  I watched the sun rise over Navy Pier and then watched it set behind Chicago’s magnificent skyline.

About four o’clock in the afternoon I realized it would be a nice sunset with the soft, wispy clouds in the sky.  After arriving at the planetarium, I realized it was quickly becoming the hot spot in town.

There were nearly a dozen other photographers with our fancy cameras and sturdy tripods, and twice as many people with their point and shoot cameras laid out in the grass; up on the concrete surface were four or five guys and their high-powered telescopes.  Every so often, a “segway tour” would roll by and the guide would give fun little facts about Chicago’s history to their group.

As I watched the sun set with a couple dozen of my new friends, I was thinking it’s nice that Chicago offers such a great opportunity for its residents and guests to make fantastic images of one of the world’s greatest skylines.

September 2011. (9831)

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