Cristo Redentor

Having spent “a long weekend” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Carnaval, I really, really wanted to charter a helicopter to go take a few shots from above Christ the Redeemer; essentially the picture would be looking over Christ’s shoulder at the city.  Mother Nature, on the other hand, decided to throw cloudy and foggy conditions during our time there and made it impossible to see 100 yards in front of us, much less the city a half-mile below.

My wife and I still made the trek to the top of Corcovado mountain to see the statue up-close, however.

As a hockey fan, I had been referencing Christ the Redeemer the entire trip as “No Goal Jesus,” based loosely on Ohio’s “Touchdown Jesus.”

In the NHL, when a goal is reviewed, the referee will skate shy of center ice and point to the scoring team’s bench to indicate a goal.  If the goal is reviewed and it turns out to not be a legitimate goal, the referee skates shy of center ice and extends his arms out to his side, parallel to the ice — basically the stance above.  Since hockey is my religion, Christ the Redeemer was quickly renamed “No Goal Jesus” in my book.

As if God was taunting us for renaming the statue, the weather was picturesque and charming the day we flew out.

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