Las Vegas Strip From Above

I think this is a dramatic contrast to the previously posted image from Vietnam. Life in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is slower-paced and more run out of necessity. Life in Las Vegas, Nevada is not quite the same.

I have been wanting to get up in the air for some pictures for awhile now.  There aren’t a whole lot of things to read about tips and tricks to aerial photography, unless I’ve got an unlimited budget (which I don’t).  Being in Las Vegas, it was a nice chance to find one of a dozen helicopter companies offering aerial tours for about $100.  It’s far easier to pay that price, do a ten minute flight, learn what I need to learn and land.  Paying $500 to charter a helicopter (in Chicago, for example), I’m not really interested in learning new things about aerial photography at such a high price tag.

As a disclaimer: I still think $100 a lot of money, but for some reason being in Las Vegas, it seemed like a bargain.  Vegas is so damn pricey.

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