Cambodia From Above

I’ve been spending a large part of today going through pictures.

I use Adobe’s Lightroom to organize my images and on our last multi-country trip I broke up the pictures into folders on my computer for Turkey, Namibia and South Africa. It occurred to me that previous trips I’ve only loaded the pictures on my computer into a massive “Asia” or “Europe” folder.

Today’s project then, is to break “Asia” into separate folders for China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, and do the same with my European trips as well.  Right now it isn’t that big of a deal what folders are holding what pictures but in 30 years when my memory isn’t at it’s prime, perhaps it’ll be more of a challenge.

This picture, then, is a random photo that caught my eye during the aforementioned.  We were on our approach into Siem Reap, Cambodia and the area was littered with various temples.  Obviously it’s the old temples that make Cambodia famous, but “new” temples are more popular with the locals!

(5399) 1010.

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