Fond du Lac Lighthouse at Sunrise

This is the Fond du Lac lighthouse, located at the Southern end of Lake Winnebago, at the entrance to the Yacht Club.

I was up visiting my mom for a day or two and wanted to get up one morning to take pictures of our nearby lighthouse at sunrise.  So, at 6AM my alarm goes off and as I’m getting ready to head out my mom said she’d like to come along.  I warn her it’ll be boring and cold, but sure!

So, my mom and I sat in the car waiting for whatever Mother Nature would present.  Eventually, there was about twenty seconds of sunshine peaking through the clouds before the sunlight went away for the rest of the morning and, keeping with tradition of my friend Danny and I, my mom and I went for breakfast.  I do love me some breakfast after an early morning photo shoot!

(2949) 1009.

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