Big Mama Sand Dune

Alisha and I happily survived our wedding and honeymoon.  We had a pretty spectacular evening of celebrating with our close friends and family, and then we whisked ourselves away to Namibia and South Africa.

Namibia was a strange choice for a honeymoon location, but we saw a picture on the front cover of a magazine that caught our attention.  Both Alisha and I said “I want to go there!” and so while we were in the neighborhood of South Africa, we also went to Namibia.

The picture above is taken from the Big Daddy dune at sunrise, looking over at the Big Mama dune (Big Daddy is the highest dune in the Sossusvlei area, towering over 1,300-feet high).

For this picture, the wind was so fierce!  In the foreground, you can see the sand blast over the ridge of Big Daddy, barely making out our footprints from ten minutes prior.

I’ll post more pictures in the coming months, but right now I just wanted to get a picture up online since it has been awhile since I posted.

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