I’ve probably logged about 150,000 miles in the air.  Fortunately most of those flights are completely forgettable, and no real issues to stand out.

Sure, there were odd delays like a “weather” cancellation at O’Hare Airport that didn’t have any notable weather to speak of.

There was a flight into the U.S. Virgin Islands that landing was aborted at the final moment because a freak rain storm came through.

While in Panama our flight was grounded for an undetermined amount of time because of the pouring tropical rain slamming down outside.  (We were told to stay close because when the storm let up we were going to make a run for it.  Sure enough, we were onboard and ready to take off within 15 minutes of the rain letting up.)

Coming home from Las Vegas was the first time I had sat on a plane for three hours and didn’t go anywhere. (The worst part was waking up from an hour nap and the plane hasn’t budged.)  Our plane had a maintenance issue and the airline was hoping to fix it and get us on our way. Eventually officials decided to de-board our plane and had us sit at the gate until the announcement was made the flight was canceled — some seven hours after my journey began.  There are worse places in the world to have to spend a night then Las Vegas — and I was fortunate the cancellation was not weather related, therefore United Airlines picked up our hotel room bill for the night.

Taking the opportunity to kill time before bed, I walked to In-N-Out Burger, and kept going to the South end of The Strip.  I normally don’t prefer to take pictures against a completely black sky, but my other option was to sit in my hotel room and go stir crazy.

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