More Running of the Bulls

The 2011 Festival of San Fermin kicked off this morning at noon local time in Pamplona.  Each morning, for the next eight mornings, I’ll stay up and watch the bull runs online.

While in Pamplona, we booked a hotel room having a balcony over-looking the route.  Every morning we were there, we’d wake up, watch the Running of the Bulls, and go back to bed.  We had friends joining us on the balcony, which made it a nice experience for all of us to not have to stand out by the church at 6AM just to make sure we got a quick glimpse as the half-ton bulls ran by.  As it worked out, our balcony was two rooms down from Hemingway’s room, when he wrote about the running of the bulls in The Sun Also Rises. Point being, our balcony was in a prime location on the longest stretch of the bull run route (Calle Estafeta) so we had a nice, long glimpse of the shenanigans.

After we left Pamplona for Madrid, Alisha and I would still wake up every morning at 7:45AM to watch the bull run live on national TV, then we’d stay up for a half-an-hour watching the commentary, and then go back to bed.

I still think the Running of the Bulls was the greatest party I’ve ever attended.

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