While in Spain, I wanted to photograph the 16th-century Cathedral dominating the town of Segovia’s main plaza.

It was our first night arriving in Spain and it was nice to just sit in the plaza, enjoy a pitcher of sangria, and wait for the sun to go down (and the sky to get the color that I’m waiting for).  While we waited, locals and tourists alike made themselves comfortable at tables and just enjoyed the evening, as well.

During the course of the night, it occurred to us that the plaza was the town’s babysitter.  Men would walk to the plaza with their kids, enjoy a drink and conversation while the children ran around nearby.  The sun seemed to set very slowly, which was fine by us (this picture was taken at 9:40PM).

Somewhere during the course of the evening, I decided that, even if we left in the morning, it was worth it to come all this way, enjoy a glass of sangria, and head home.  Of course we stayed for the duration of our travel plans, but it was nice to see and experience other cultures and how they do Life.  Sometimes that little infusion of another country’s culture is what I crave.

Not unlike Segovia’s town plaza playing the roll of the babysitter, in my neighborhood of Chicago we get together and let the kids run amuck, but it’s usually once a year and we close the street down for a “block party.”  In this small Spanish town, it’s called “just another Tuesday.”

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