Valley of Fire

Spending the weekend in Las Vegas, one can only take so much of the opulence that is “Sin City.”  Going for something less seedy, I grabbed a rental car and headed to Valley of Fire State Park.

Valley of Fire is only about 30 miles from Las Vegas, except the last 14 miles are winding through the Nevada desert, so it takes about an hour to get there.  After paying the park’s entry fee, I found something one doesn’t see too often in US parks anymore — no fences.  There were dangerous rock ledges, loose boulders and lots of things to trip over.  I feel like the United States has become so over-protective against lawsuits that parks are fenced off so much that only flat, parking lot-like surfaces are where tourists have the freedom to roam.

All of that being said, there weren’t many people at this park.  Normally I like taking pictures and avoiding people in them, but in this case it was nice to have the woman on top of the rock formation giving perspective without detracting from the image.

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