Tulip in the Round

I have been posting the occasional picture on my Facebook page each morning when I update the website, as well.  It’s nice to actually be getting my pictures out for a change, instead of them sitting on my hard-drive for no one to see (although, I am cycling them through as my screen saver).  This was the picture I randomly posted yesterday on Facebook.

Monday morning I woke up early to swing by the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Their spring flowers are in full bloom!  Arriving early to the Botanic Garden was nice because it was only me and a few other people, but by the time I left, school buses and mom’s with their kids where everywhere.  I don’t wake up early often, but it paid off, as it was nice to get a parking spot right out in front of the doors, then have cars trolling the lot looking for any open parking space as I left!

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