Gold Medal Flour

There was a brief period I was trying to bring some photography stuff with me on the road for work.  Since I hate checking bags and paying fees with airlines, I’d try to cram as much stuff as possible into two carry-on bags (one of which was already full of work necessities).  As a result, I struggled with which photography stuff to bring, and then once I arrived in my destination town, I struggled with such a limited time to go in and find things to shoot.

As a result, I only brought photography stuff along once.

This was the one picture from that failed project.  Sure, I came home with a dozen or so pictures of the Gold Medal Flour plant, but since I don’t know Minneapolis, it was hard to find prime places to get into position for that golden light.  I did do some searching ahead of time on Flickr, but I didn’t want to take pictures already taken, nor did I want seek out places that no longer existed.  (As an example, there is a GREAT picture of Minneapolis I found, except that picture location no longer exists with the new, crap-tastic power lines running from the park.)

So now I try to devote a day or two here and there to photography.  One day it might be as simple as taking my camera along to my dentist appointment, or maybe one of these days I’ll head to St. Louis for a photo-filled weekend.  It actually works better because I can be a total photography nerd and not have to worry about work.

And, really, who wants to be having fun doing their hobby, only to have work get into the way?

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