Fishing at Montrose Harbor

Fishing at Montrose Harbor

I was up for 24 hours when I took this picture.  I had just worked a show out in one of Chicago’s suburbs, and we finished about six o’clock in the morning.  I knew it’d be a long day going into it, so I threw my photography stuff in the car just in case. The amusing thing with this picture is I actually took this while holding the camera upside down.

There was a big dirt mark in the camera and I couldn’t clean it or move it out of the way. The dirt mark was big and ugly, and it looked like Chicago was under attack from a meatball.  So, I held the camera upside down to hide the mark in the water, snapped the picture and went home to bed. Later that day, when I woke up from my “nap,” I took the camera in for a deep cleaning.

To this day, I can’t find the mark “hidden” in the water, and I can’t find any other pictures from that morning to check, either.

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