Hallowed Ground

It’s always interesting to me that the guys who work within Wrigley Field’s scoreboard seem to have no idea just how many people think they have the greatest job in the world. They work in an iconic “office” that, not only is it Wrigley Field, but it’s inside Wrigley Field’s scoreboard. (Then again, having to watch the Chicago Cubs play every single home game might feel more like a prison sentence.)

Obviously, this picture is from within Wrigley Field’s scoreboard. The bright light coming from the ceiling (a ways down) is the trap door to get onto the roof (where the “W” or “L” flags fly). The green number panels are just stickers that the worker will pull off if they need a number 18 today, but a number 19 tomorrow.

I’ve been up in the scoreboard a number of times, but I still think it’s an incredible place to visit.

(2613) 0909.

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