Helicopter Over Rio de Janeiro

While in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the weather was unpredictable; the forecast for the next day would change three times in the 24 hours prior.  Like every bride planning a wedding, we were hoping for that iconic day with sunny skies and perfect clouds.  What we got, instead, was deary weather that was mostly cloudy with a light drizzle half of the days.

I had plans to go up into one of the site-seeing helicopters to circle Christ the Redeemer and the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, however Mother Nature got in the way.  Instead, Alisha and I took the much-cheaper train to the top of Corcovado and took pictures of the iconic Brazilian statue in between the enveloping clouds.

The entire time at the summit of the famous hill, tour helicopters were taking paying customers up and around the stature for a speedy seven minute tour.   As a result, Christ the Redeemer sounds like a war zone between the choppers and the hustle and bustle of tourists … not to mention the security guards blowing their whistles at disobedient visitors.  My favorite was one helicopter run that we could hear but couldn’t see because the clouds were so thick.  I hope the customers received some sort of discount.

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