Wisconsin Wildflowers

Wisconsin Wildflowers

Some time back a friend asked me what my favorite picture I’ve ever taken was.

I didn’t really have an answer.

After a bunch of thinking, I may have to vote this picture, which is funny because it doesn’t really register on the “awesome-meter”. The reason I’m voting this picture is because photography has taught me A LOT about patience … because I have none. Photography forces me to sit in mittens, a hat, and snow pants while underneath my tripod, waiting for that one small break in the clouds to get just the right picture. I’m really learning that photography is a lot of timing and preparation to capture that single moment in time.

So, back to the above picture.

While at my dad’s farm in rural Wisconsin, I took a picture. The sun was in a terrible spot and the shadows were awful.  The next morning, with the sun in a better position, I took a handful of shots and something was always missing. Then I realized the clouds were really adding to the mix, but I had to wait until the right clouds. So, I waited. And waited.

And then waited some more.

Eventually I saw the right clouds come over the distant hills, and after seeing the potential composition for a picture, it was about twelve hours of waiting to get the sun, clouds and flowers into the right spot. Is this the best picture I’ve ever taken? No, but it is one of my favorites, because I learned a lot about timing, preparation and patience.

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