Sunken Boat

Sunken Boat

I’m not really sure of the story on this boat, except it sank awhile before we got there. So long, in fact, that if you look close, you’ll see some stuff extending out from the back. That “stuff” is someone’s ramshackle hut, complete with laundry line and boat dock.

I’m curious if the boat sank, and someone said, “I’m not leaving!” or alternatively, someone said “Hey! Sunken boat means free rent! Let’s go there!”

Either way, to get to this remote area of Panama we flew into Panama City, switched airports, flew another hour, rode four hours with our bags in the back of a pick-up truck, hopped in a water taxi and we passed this in said water taxi. Our final destination was a nearly deserted island with only a few people and a tribe of natives.

(0202) 0807.

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